Monthly Check-in: October

This is such a great post @misbell! I love how you have it laid out with the importance of wikipedia and also the timeline. I’m so excited to hear that you are going to contribute to JME. Let me know if you want to chat or anything.

I realized I should probably share this piece I wrote on co-creating with students for Times Higher Education Campus-

Also @apurva is our next meeting 11/2? It’s Election Day in the U.S. so I will likely either have my kids around or need to skip out on the meeting.

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Thank you @stacy.katz! And I’m saving this excellent new one from you for our next cohort of open pedagogy fellows.

@misbell This blog post really clarified process for me! I had heard of folks assigning the editing of a Wikipedia page to students before, but I had no idea how that worked. What you’ve demonstrated here is that this project weaves together so many of the important concepts we try to teach: critical thinking, community engagement, writing skills, persuasion and argument. Truly, this is transformative pedagogy. Well done you!

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:slight_smile: Thanks!

Is there a tweet I can RT to promote your wiki blog post?

Also, also @misbell can I also just say how much I appreciate the source evaluation that your students are doing in this project? (The alsos are meant to convey my excitement)

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I tweeted it here - starting to get some likes :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is! I’m so sorry — I suppose since this isn’t officially a federal holiday all across the US it didn’t show up on my radar when I set the syllabus earlier in the year. It’s a bit too late to reschedule with the group, I’m afraid. All this said: kids welcome but of course your parenting will come first so if you need to skip then I understand!

@misbell congratulations!! So excited to give this a read tonight.

@nikifayne — I’ll try to dig up any Special Ed resources… I agree with Stacy that you should not take on this work solo. The more hands on deck, the more sustainable this will all be (in short and long-term). We can rally to find a group!

And just generally - it brings me a lot of joy to see all these conversations on this thread! Cheers to everyone; I’m very grateful for all of you!

I am unlikely to be able to make the Tuesday meeting. Regrets.
Hopefully, Naliza is available.


We’ll miss you, Niki, but here’s hoping Naliza or perhaps Anthony, Wendy, or Zullyvette can make it!