Second Monthly Check-In

Hi @may21-cohort! This Thursday at 12pm (EST) marks our second monthly check-in. I
I’m really looking forward to seeing how your projects are moving along. As with our first check-in, this Thursday will be an opportunity to dive deeper into your updates, share successes, tackle specific challenges together, and set new goals for the next month. As before, we’ll draw on our learning from Sessions 1-12, when applicable, and I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you in as targeted a manner as possible. @me.monicabrown and/or @apurva will also join to help with support.

Please arrived prepared to share your project updates. Screen-sharing is welcome and even encouraged. Also come prepared with any questions or challenges you might have.

One last thing for now: If you’re unable to attend, please provide an update in this thread (by replying) and let us know how we can support you. After Thursday’s session be prepared to establish new SMART goals for the month ahead.


Dear Joel and all,

I regret that I won’t be able to join tomorrow’s meeting.

I didn’t make much progress on achieving the SMART goals (creating sample H5P activities). I’ve realized it’s not very realistic, so I’m resetting my SMART goals for next month as this-- editing majority of the text loaded on Pressbooks to make the outlook consistent in format.

Thank you,


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Hi All - something came up last-minute with advising and I couldn’t join the check in meeting today. I am pleased to say that SMART goal for the month was met, and I finished my first chapter. My SMART goal for next month is to be at least 85% done with Chapter 2. I’m more than 50% done now. Hope everyone is well! - Brandye

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Thanks for providing this update, @kongmeinj! Perhaps we can troubleshot h5p a little next month, if you’d like to work through some of the challenges associated with it.

Congrats on meeting your objective, @bdnobiling! We missed you today, but that’s understandable. I’m looking forward to seeing your textbook content when you’re ready to share.

I’m happy to help with the H5P troubleshooting as needed, @kongmeinj — I know your book is on our network so we’re here to support you!

Hi @may21-cohort, this follow-up to our monthly section is a little bit overdue! As a reminder, we met on October 21st for our second monthly check-in.

Before providing more details I want to remind everyone about the next round of goal updates: If you have not done so yet, please respond to this thread with your updated SMART goal(s) for the next month. This will allow our Rebus team to provide support in as targeted a fashion as possible.

We had excellent participation and those who attended shared their progress.

  • Tammy and Karen (pediatric nursing) shared that they were actually further along in their project than they realized. They’re planning around an activity-based OER—which sounds entirely appropriate for their content.
  • Daniel Mintz (software engineering) joined us as part of UMGC team taking over from Michael Brown. Sheldon Linker is also coming on board in a more official role.
  • Benjamin Jones (statistics) shared his and Tracy’s progress on their OER. They’ve been making progress on their accessibility checklist, with the help of a TA. Their team is working on an Open Science section to help their project stand out.
  • Tracy Worley updated her home page, refined the outline, and has begun plugging away in Pressbooks! She shared her PB textbook and it’s really taking shape.
  • The LOUIS team was able to get their 25 groups set up in their outcomes and goals. Next they’ll be identifying content for their courses. At this stage, their teaching teams will be identifying what content can be adapted/remixed vs. authored as original. They’re also using an OpenStax form to help improve representation and diversity in the OERs.
  • [If I missed your update, please correct me in the thread!]

One last thing: If you would like one-on-one training in anything, feel free to reach out to me (in this thread of by DM). We can arrange a Zoom meeting if it would be helpful.