Third Monthly Check-in: November

Hi @may21-cohort! Next Thursday, Nov 18th, at 12pm (EST) marks our third monthly check-in! As with our previous monthly sessions, next Thursday will be an opportunity to dive deeper into your updates, share successes, tackle specific challenges together, and set new goals for the next month.

As before, we’ll draw on our learning from Sessions 1-12, when applicable, and I’ll be there to troubleshoot with you in as targeted a manner as possible.

Please arrived prepared to share your project updates. Screen-sharing is welcome and even encouraged. Also come prepared with any questions or challenges you might have.


Yes, so looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing how things are going! See ya’ll Thursday!

Hi All,

I have a funeral at 11, so depending on when the services are over, I may or may not be there. I’ll do my best.

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Hi @bdnobiling! Do what you can, that’s understandable. We’ll definitely miss you. You can follow up with your December goals after.

Hi all,

Sorry I won’t make it to the meeting tomorrow. I just found out today that I scheduled a dental appointment for tomorrow at 1pm. I made the appointment back in May before the cohort meeting time was set. I had totally forgot about it till the office called to remind me today. I tried to reschedule but can’t get anything till next year. So I’ll have to stick with it.

On the project progress, I don’t have any updates since I haven’t made any progress yet. I’ll definitely be in high gear when winter break starts.




Hi all –

Our goal for this next month is to continue to work on completing the accessibility checklist for our book. We also plan to think more about our Open Science and Lying with Statistics sections that we plan to include in our book. We hope that we will start to work on these sections over the semester break.

Ben (and Tracy)


My December SMART goal is to complete chapters 7 and 8.


Good Morning! My December goal is to have Chapter two 100% finished and to have Chapter 3 at least 30% finished. I met my November goal, and Chapter 2 is 80% finished.


Before providing more details I want to remind everyone about the next round of goal updates: If you have not done so yet, please respond to this thread with your updated SMART goal(s) for the next month. This will allow our Rebus team to provide support in as targeted a fashion as possible.

We had excellent participation and those who attended shared the progress. Here’s a rundown of the updates:

  • @jessicaaadams25, Statistics: Jessica is making progress towards an adaptation of statistics OER, partly curated from some OpenStax projects. Jessica is adding original content primarily in the form of activities.

  • @daniel.mintz, @chandra.bajracharya, and Sheldon, Software Engineering: Daniel offered updates on their project. Sheldon is close to finished (in Word). Chandra (taking over for Michael) is going to help move things along. The next stage is to begin setting up their Pressbooks space.

  • @ttomlin1 and @jonesb, Statistics: They’re continuing to work with a grad student to help edit, as the student is teaching with the textbook. “Lying with statistics” is something they’re wanting to add.

  • @emily.frank, et al, LOUIS: Their current goal for their cohort is to create open textbook using Pressbooks and get them into Moodle. The cohort has been having questions about Pressbooks and they’re setting up training. In February they’ll be doing h5p training. They’re adopting a template for Moodle from LSU for the online classes. They’re also adopting a QM (Quality Matters) reviewer for the courses.

  • @tworley1, Discourse Community for Leaders: Tracy is continuing to make progress on their Pressbooks textbook, up through around chapter 6.

  • [If I missed your update, please correct me in the thread!]

Enjoy your Fall Break!

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Thanks for checking in @kongmeinj. I look forward to your winter break updates.

Good to hear you met your November goal, @bdnobiling! I’m excited to see your progress next time we meet.

Wow, these are all such great updates — kudos to you all @may21-cohort! Looking forward to hearing from the others. :smiley: