Geology Lab Manual featured on University of Houston website

Hello @feb20-cohort! It’s been a few months since we wrapped up our program officially, but I know that most of you have still been hard at work on your projects. I wanted to share some good news coming out of the University of Houston, where @vbsisson1, @Daniel-Hauptvogel and @asantiago2 have been working on the Geology Lab Manual. Their book was highlighted by the department chair and subsequently, an article about the project was featured on the department’s website.

The article describes the story of the OER, all those involved in making the manual, the Rebus TSP, student reactions, and gestures at future plans. I highly recommend you all spend a few minutes to read it, and join me in congratulating Jinny, Dan, and Ariana for their hard work! It’s important to celebrate moments like these where your effort is recognized. :clap:t5: :confetti_ball:

I hope that it gives some of you ideas about how your own projects can be featured on your campus blog or news site.

Congratulations on being recognized for your hard work, Houston team. Well done.

Mike Love


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Congratulations, Jinny, Dan, and Ariana! The visuals are fantastic, and all of the exercises you incorporated look so helpful to students! So much labor put into this–kudos on the excellent product!!!

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