Project Status Updates: Historical Geology Lab Manual

Welcome to Historical Geology Lab Manual!

Want to know what we’re up to? Keep an eye on this topic for updates and news about the project’s progress.

I’m excited to see the team set up a dedicated website for the project, with a complete project summary! What’s particularly resonated with me on this site is Daniel & @vbsisson’s motivations for creating the lab manual and the vision:

we envisioned a completely customized lab manual that speaks to the nature of our teaching philosophy, one that gives our students a quality education and encourages them to observe and think about the world around them. Our Earth has a complicated evolution that needs stories and observations for students to understand.

It’s great to also learn more about the team involved and to see graduate students, other subject-matter experts (including those working on other Geology OER), and institutional support members participating. :slight_smile: It sounds like you have your timeline clearly defined, and I look forward to seeing how you get on.

I’ll mention — Dan, you noted some challenges with some PDF elements in Pressbooks during today’s TSP session. Please feel free to share this in our cohort discussion space, or here. There’s a number in our community who have experience with Pressbooks and may have faced similar problems before. If we can’t help, I’m confident that the Pressbooks support team will be able to offer you some guidance!

@vbsisson here’s the review guide template that I mentioned during our session yesterday. The core components section might useful if you’re thinking about expectations for reviewers and what areas you’d want them to focus on. Hope this helps!