Robert Weiss...newbie from VT

Hello, I ventured away from my normal routine last semester and the students in my class (both undergraduate and graduate students) develop “their” textbook on quantitative geosciences. I am very (positively) surprised how it went and what students produced. This is just to introduce myself and to see if there are other people doing this for very quantitative topics as well

@weiszr Hi Robert welcome! Exciting project … we’re working on a guide to creating Open Textbooks with Students, @lizmays might want to talk to you about your experience…

Hi @weiszr, Welcome to the Rebus Community. You can find more about the project @hugh refers to here. Let me know if you would be interested in doing a short writeup about the quantitative geosciences project, or being interviewed for a case study, or perhaps providing a classroom resource that others could use in similar projects.

Thanks @lizmays and @hugh!!! What would the writeup entail?

Hi @weiszr, We’d be looking for a roughly 500-word firsthand narrative sharing your experience with the project. Ideally it would talk about the logistics of the open pedagogy assignment and how it played out, as well as lessons from a faculty point of view. For instance, how did this advance the goals of the course or help the students achieve the learning objectives? Would you do a similar project again in the future, and what would you do differently? What were the challenges. Which of those might be more unique to a more quantitative topic, and so forth. Let us know if you would be interested in contributing in this way!