Hi hi! It's Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa-- Rebus Communications and Community Engagement Specialist

Hello, I’m Leigh. I’m the Communications and Community Engagement Specialist for Rebus Community.

I made my way to Rebus and the world of OER via the storytelling world. I was the general manager of Confabulation, a storytelling organization in Montreal. Through my work with Confab, I had the opportunity to work with a lot of people in the academic and start-up world. I helped them use personal storytelling to communicate their work and ideas. “Openness” was a value I ascribed to without knowing. Sharing ideas and making knowledge accessible is really important to me, so I’m excited to be at Rebus, where I get to help others share their work in the form of textbook. I’m also the person behind a lot of the Rebus Community tweets, so if you have any social media questions, I’m your human.

Oh and I’m an experienced copy writer and editor, with a portfolio that covers all sorts of topics.


Hi Leigh, great to see you here! I’d love to hear more about your storytelling experience – could you share?

I’ll share a blog post about storytelling at the end of April!

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Eagerly waiting!

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