Hi! I'm Karen Lauritsen with the Open Textbook Network

Hi Everyone,

First, congratulations, Rebus team, on your launch! I’m excited to be here.

I’m with the Open Textbook Network as the director of publishing and collections. This is a new position created to support open textbook publishing across the network, and continue to maintain and grow the Open Textbook Library collections and functionality. I look forward to working together to support the whole open textbook ecosystem!

Outside of work, I’m a writer (or indie author, if you prefer) and gardener (novice, not master). I also enjoy improvisation (improv), and although I’m rarely on stage these days, I continue to embrace the “yes, and…” spirit, as I find it makes everything more fun.

Here’s to supporting one another in creating and sharing. Cheers!

Hi Karen,

Looking forward to working with you to figure out OT publishing!

Thanks, Karen! Great to have you here :slight_smile: