Hypothesis Question

I used Hypothesis with one of my Rebus books last semester. Just now, I added the H plug-in to the book. When I look at public annotations, it says there are none, but I used them with students on this chapter last semester, so I am confused as to why I can’t see the annotations. I hope the “Public” setting in the plug-in is still truly public? I hope adding the plug-in didn’t override or somehow erase the H annotations that were there before? Shall I ask the H folks for help?

Hmm, that’s a very good question. I suspect the existing annotations are being overridden, but I’m going to check in with our developer to see if he has any insights. We may need to speak to Hypothesis directly if he doesn’t – I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Looks like this was the result of a change in the domain and shouldn’t be an ongoing issue.