Ideas, questions, deadlines/?

While I really, really don’t want to be the “project manager” for my project … I need to make deadlines :slight_smile: I’m thinking of having a September 10 deadline for “have an example lesson” with (hopefully) all its crucial details. I’d have a personal deadline of really starting to “put the word out” this Friday or next Monday.
I didn’t even remember making the infographic draft in my “resources” (did I mention that I shouldn’t be project manager?) I’m thinking that I can connect w/ those ‘resources’ in my description so people know what they are since annotation isn’t an option.
I got to talking about math on my bike ride and one of the riders came along and … said she really wished this course existed, for her… long story short yes, she’s got exactly the kind of struggles with memorizing and organizing learning that I want to address. Smart lady who struggles with math…

@sujones Hi Sue! September sounds very achievable, and good work on starting to spread the word. If you’d like, we can include your call for a co-editor in our newsletter next week (likely Wednesday).

Good idea to contextualise the resources in the description too - I have added the resource description idea to our backlog, but in the meantime we should be able to edit the titles in our next release, at least.

And I tell you, that rider won’t be the only one! No doubt this is going to resonate with a lot of people… Great to hear, I’m sure :slight_smile:

Yes, (deep breath), put the “call” out :slight_smile: In the meantime I’ll put those “annotations” in the description and then … I’ll be broadcasting too…

… and reading this :

Developing new materials that fill gaps left by existing materials would be a thing! Now, if only I were a consortia of at least 3 higher ed institutions…

Awesome, you’ll be in the next newsletter! Gotta make the leap some time :smiley:

And thanks for sharing the article - as I mentioned on Twitter, we’re taking a close look the call for proposals to see what opportunities it might present in the Rebus universe. Interesting that they’ve taken the approach of limiting it to consortia, that certainly changes the focus a bit, but we’ve got to hope it will still have a positive impact for the community at large.

@zoe Well I replied with another link to mine (“every opportunity”) :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had that kind of influence here but we barely know what OER means… and … this kind of thing is just not the focus of our current admin. I might just for fun send a link to one of our computer science profs and suggest to him that we start a certificate program specifically for people to learn to use open source stuff to create educational materials. (He also does amazing things w/ the supercomputer over at the U of I down the street.)