International Efforts on Open Textbooks

Re: Office Hours: International Perspectives on Open Textbooks (reopens March 4-9)

I work for a greek open textbook project, Kallipos, where we have created within 2 years a set of approximately 500 textbooks for use by the Greek university students and anyone else that might be interested.
The “Kallipos” Repository gathers books, handbooks and learning objects, which were either produced within the framework of the "Hellenic Academic Electronic (Text)books” project or submitted in the course of an open call for Open Access scientific content. The “Kallipos” repository aims at the organized presentation, storage and long-term preservation of open-access (text)books and learning objects for the academic and research community.
You can search within the full text of (text)books and learning objects, as well as browse the entire scientific content of the repository through five (5) subject areas.
Happy browsing!
The “Kallipos” repository link:
The “Kallipos” project page link:

Hi @cpanasta Welcome to the Rebus Community. And thank you for sharing this resource with the community. You may also be interested in our Office Hours session on International Perspectives on Open Textbooks.

@cpanasta Hi Christina, thanks for telling us more about the Kallipos project. It’s incredible to hear that you have managed to amass 500 textbooks in only 2 years! Are there any efforts to expand the repository to include more texts from the social sciences, humanities, or business fields?