Let the review process begin

With a slight extension to authors, reviewers on our editorial board were open to begin the review process on August 5. Our process: two reviewers assigned to each of the 24 chapters and we’ll be looking for elements from our original rubric as well as key components we asked for in each chapter as written in the author agreement, page 3. Clarity in writing is, of course, a given.

Each pair of reviewers will meet to discuss their thoughts and observations and devise a communication back to the chapter authors with requests for modifications.

We are deliberating on a first run to make sure the process flows smoothly.


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Hi Kim, very exciting news!

Thanks for sharing a bit more about your process too. Is that 48 reviewers total, or 2 full-book reviewers? Either way, this is all very impressive! I hope you’re feeling the same way too.

It’s great to see that you have the steps clearly laid out, and have asked the reviewers to pay close attention to certain elements. The rubric and author agreement are very clear, and will be very useful as the team works on revising the drafts you have so far.

I also really like the idea of asking the pair of reviewers to meet and discuss their thoughts, and opening up the dialogue at this level.

Hoping your first run goes smoothly! :smiley:

Hi Apurva,

To clarify on the reviewers . . . For this initial review, we have 8 editorial board members who will pair up for the reviews. So each individual reviews 6 chapters and who their partner is may vary based on interest and expertise in reading the different chapters.

For the second review, we hope to lean on the rebus community and get outside, open reviews (open review for authors who are amenable).


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Congrats on the progress! I’ll share this update in next week’s newsletter. Celebrating small wins is an effective way of encouraging momentum.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification. It’s nice that you’re matching up reviewers from the editorial board, based on their areas of expertise. Another advantage to having the group review different sets of chapters is that they will be able to make connections across the chapters, too, and think about how these fit in with the larger book!

As for the second review, we’re happy to share any calls for participation. Whenever you’re ready, you can post a call in our Contributor Marketplace, and we will spread the word! :rocket: