Niche Genres of Music

Posting this to gauge interest in an edited volume on various underrepresented subgenres of music!

Ideally, this would become a multi-volume series, with each volume focusing on a different subgenre (although if there’s a lot of interest in a subgenre, a “part two” of sorts would be a possibility. An alternative possibility would be to dedicate the volumes to niche genres in general and proceed from there.

So far, the main subgenres I’m wanting to gauge interest in are:

  • Avant-garde Metal
  • Atmospheric Black Metal
  • WItch House (an electronic “microgenre” that utilizes drum machines and synthesizers)

This project will primarily require contributors, peer reviewers who are familiar with music (stylistics, history of, and/or lyrical themes) scholarship, copyeditors, and proofreaders. If interested, a comment including how you would like to participate and for which genre (or the “general niche” route) would be greatly appreciated!

The intended audience would include persons interested in music scholarship and undergraduates studying music, especially those interested in comparative studies of music.