Nursing Research and the Effect on Population Health Initiatives

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Project Title: Nursing Research and the Effect on Population Health Initiatives
Lead editor/author(s): Joan Buckley, (Author), Jeanine Cook-Garard (Author), Marcia William-Hailey(Author), Mary Joseph (Author), Joy Borrero, Alice Tobin (Author), MaryAnn Snow (Editor).
License: none
Subject: Value of Nursing Research
Description (100 words max):

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Hi Joan, thanks for filling this out! Reading more about the project now, I’ve made the connection and am happy to confirm that we’ll be covering creating the project discussion space in our first few sessions of the Textbook Success Program. For now, I’ll hold off of doing this myself, since you will likely do so within the week!

I’ve also added you to the cohort group in the platform, and will point you to the cohort discussion space where I’ll share more details about creating the project discussion space, and more. Looking forward to chatting with you and others on your team at our first session tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Great …I just spoke to a few of the others and they are going to try to get on. I will be on route from Albany back to Long Island and have Zoom on my phone. hopefully will talk tomorrow.

Great, thank you so much. Hopefully you won’t have too much trouble connecting to the call via phone. Safe travels!

Hello Apurva,
I was actually able to connect to the ZOOM meeting from the train intermittently and I was so glad to see that half of us were able to remember the meeting. You were all very informative and am very excited to be involved. I find that working with a group like this is very important when trying to implement a new idea and I already hear the ideas. Christine Faraday is chair of our OER Advisory board so I am excited to work with her as well.
Thank you all for your future help.
I will be watching for some instructions for sure and in the meantime can I play around with the site and if I make something wrong can it be fixed.
Not sure of the platform. Do messages like this go out to the group or do I address each separately… You can tell I have a lot to learn.
Enjoy the day.

Hi Joan, yes, we saw you on the call but unfortunately had trouble hearing audio. It was great to see so many team members from this project on the call! I’m looking forward to sharing more ideas as we keep going.

I hope to post an update & some instructions today. As for the site — feel free to play around! We’re always happy when people explore the platform, and welcome any comments or feedback.

We’re all learning together! These messages are public, however, there is an option to send a direct message: Click on the person’s icon or name, and the ‘message’ button. You can compose a message and hit send. Once sent, the message will have a :email: icon next to the subject line at the top.

There’s also ways that you can easily tag and notify everyone on your team about important messages or updates, instead of having to send each of them a direct message or tag them separately. I’ll include a few lines about this in my update today!

Hope you have a good start to the week!