Call for Contributors: Nursing Researchers

Call for Participation

Joan Buckley, Professor at SUNY Nassau Community College, is seeking participants in the creation of an introductory level Nursing Research OER text in 2019. This open textbook will focus on the process of doing Nursing Research. It will include key documents and multimedia resources, emphasizing a global view of the need for Nursing research in the growth of Health care and its analysis.

We are seeking faculty teaching or doing research in the areas of nursing in any way, to serve as contributors, reviewers, and consulting editors for the project.

Reviewers: Commitment for providing comments on a chapter or the full manuscript around the time of April 2019

Consulting Editors: Commitment to identifying potential contributors (January 2019) and editing contributions in a particular subject area (May-June 2019).

The text will cover the content areas, and you are welcome to propose additional topics that relate to Nursing:

If you are interested in taking part, please fill out the following form:

Questions can also be directed to: Joan Buckley ( or Christine Faraday, (Christine


I just saw this shared on Twitter and am delighted to see it get started. It would be my pleasure to participate, but based on the dates I appear to be too late. I am new to this platform and followed the project. Hopefully there is still time to get involved. Thank you!

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I filled out the form and look forward to a reply. I see new dates there. Thank you.

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Hello Laura, You are not late at all we are running behind. Let us look at your paper and get back to you… Thank you so much for your interest.