Happy New Year 2020

Hello to everyone…this Monday, Christine and I will be meeting to start to outline a realistic plan for our project (or what we think would be a realistic plan). You will give feedback and thoughts for revisions.

I think I do know all of the research topics but if everyone in the group as a ‘contributor’ could post what your thoughts are for the title of your chapter and what exactly was your dissertation or research topic so we can send the first draft of an outline for you all to consider and give feedback.

We are going to send out a request for contributors so if there is someone you know in another field but related in a big way to Nursing…there will be a spot for them as well. We talked at a meeting with Allison of considering a bit of self-reflection in our chapter, making the book interesting to any nurse at any level. We may actually inspire a few new nurses.

We will update you after the meeting…then we will really begin…



Hi all,
Just checking in to make sure everyone can see these messages. Please reply and let us know!