Phase 2 Session 4 - second individual meetings

@may23cohort - Good morning! This week and next, I will be meeting with each team individually. Here is where I would like you to post a recap of our meeting, so that the entire cohort knows what we all talked about.

@minellmr is there a time between 3:45 and 5:00pm EST that will work for you and your team on Tuesday, December 19th?

We met with Becca regarding ideas about the rest of us moving forward while Paula continues to write. We talked about what our individual responsibilities are and where we each were in our set of responsibilities. Becca suggested we start holding regular “working” meetings: times when we get together, give updates (even if the update is “I’ve done nothing”), and spend the rest of the time working on tasks related to the project. One other thing we can be working on is writing our “stories” for the book.


Thanks, @kundas, for updating us all about what we talked about!

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