Phase 2: Session 6 - October 2022A Cohort

Hi @oct22-a-cohort!

I hope your summers are off to a fantastic start. We are meeting on Friday July 7th in our 1:1s. So far, no one has signed up for a time. Please sign up on this spreadsheet so that we make sure everyone gets a time to meet and chat.

I can’t wait to hear your updates! Please email or reply here if you can’t make the meeting and need to schedule another day/time.


Dear Stacy,

I hope all is well.

Somehow I’m not able to add my name to the list, but if available I’d like to take the 10am spot for the 1:1 meeting on 7/7.


Thanks @rcastro-mcgowan I’ve added you to that spot. I’m not sure why you weren’t able to add yourself but I’ve added you in there.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Hi Stacy,
I completely forgot about this and I have a vet appointment scheduled tomorrow. Maybe we can check in sometime next week?
So sorry!

No problem, @JenSloan - I’ll send you an email with my availability. Hope all is ok at the vet!

Hi everyone,

It was so great catching up with @mporos, @rcastro-mcgowan, @elin.waring, and @bridgetalepore today. I’m looking forward to chatting with @JenSloan and @ayali later this month. It had been a while since I wasn’t at the last meeting - thanks again to @apurva for stepping in for me.

You are all making incredible progress on your books (which is not necessarily a linear path). The groundwork that you have laid in Phase 1 is evident in the work you are doing now and how you know what you want your book to be and what needs to get done to pilot them in the Fall. It’s all starting to come together now that you have your platforms chosen (mostly) and you are moving the ideas from your head onto the page/screen.

Please be in touch over the month with me, @jbrown1, @jpoe, or @skoski (depending on what you need) or feel free to post here and pose questions to the group. We meet again as a larger group on August 4th and I’ll post a reminder when it gets closer.

Wishing you time to be productive and space to relax this summer,

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Anytime! Hope you all had a good meeting today :smiley: