Phase 2: September Session (July 2023 M-3)

Hi @july23-cohort,
Looking forward to meeting with you in just a bit! It’s a loose agenda, but we will cover:

  • Meet new teams
  • ROTEL deadlines reminders
  • Updates from teams
  • Sample Chapter (or template(s)) sharing
  • Writing phase
  • Survey–feel free to take this between now and the end of the week
  • Sign-up for 1-on-1s for October session
  • and anything you need help with or share best practices!

Thank you and see you soon! If you are unable to attend today’s meeting, please make sure to drop an update for your team (what you have accomplished or are working on) in this thread. Thanks so much! :blush:

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Hi Amy,
Looking forward to our individual meeting with you this month! Is that for this coming week on 10/3 or later on 10/31?


Hi Jennie @jsnow6,
We will have our 1-on-1 on Oct 31, thanks so much for double checking.

It’s a bit confusing because there is also a meeting this coming Tues, Oct. 3, but this one is being facilitated by the Publishing Support Team. The Zoom link for that meeting is: Launch Meeting - Zoom

I’ll be there listening in on the call with you all. :slight_smile:

Have a beautiful rest of your weekend,


Greetings @july23-cohort folks!

It was so great hearing the terrific progress you all had made over the last month! Our next meeting is a 1-on-1 on Oct. 31–please sign up for a slot here.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for the PST-led meeting. The Zoom link for that meeting is: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Update to the production timeline for this month: Please have 1-2 draft chapter(s) completed by Oct 15 for copy-edit review by the PST. Teams should plan a meeting with PST prior to the Phase 2 November meeting on Nov 28 in order to review PST suggestions and discuss interactivity elements that you might consider incorporating in your work.

Update to production timeline for spring: Please have a quarter of chapters complete by Feb 1 and all final draft versions of chapters completed by March 31.

To submit to PST, please post draft chapters 1 and/or 2 in the PST’s shared Google drive. You should have received an email from Barbara Ambos regarding your access to this drive. If you can’t locate this information readily, please email

If you’re a bit behind on sending the initial documents to PST, please prioritize getting a draft Table of Contents and chapter template to PST asap. Next focus on writing and then submitting the draft chapter(s) by Oct. 15.

There’s lots of dates in this post, so we’ll continually remind you about deadlines and expectations :blush:

I’m here if you need anything.

Take care,


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