Phase 2: Monthly check-in #1 Today! (July M-1 Cohort)

Hey @July22-M-1-cohort — reminder that we have our first Phase 2 meeting today at 2:30pm ET. Calendar invites were sent last week.

Today, we’ll discuss:

  • Survey results from last week’s evaluation
  • Goal setting and key deadlines for January/February (sample chapter, peer reviewer selection)
  • Select time slots for Phase 2 1:1 meetings (15 min slots)
  • Information about an upcoming ROTEL webinar this week
  • Check-in on shared Google Drive for easier collaboration going forward
  • Notice about Rebus facilitator change

See you all soon!

Hi Apurva, Im having trouble finding the zoom link for today, can you resend or is it the same as previous weeks?

Same as the previous weeks! I’ll resend as a DM now.

Hi friends

I am meeting with students.
I will try to join as much as I can, but it may not be until 3:45.
The webinar is on Dec 9 - we still have classes until Dec. 16 ant then finals after.

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Hi everyone, thank you all for your time to meet yesterday! Ileana - we missed you, but hope your meeting with your students went off well.

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed:

  • Goals and deadlines for 31 January 2023:
    • Submit sample chapter to Marilyn and the Publishing Support Team
    • Submit the names and email addresses of 3 peer reviewers to your OTCC representative. Note that a stipend of $250 will be provided by ROTEL to each reviewer. Reviewers will ideally be experts in your field.
  • Meeting slots for the 1:1s in 2023: Since we will be alternating between cohort and 1:1 meetings in January (see syllabus for specific schedule), I asked you all to select a 15 minute slot that you can use for the 1:1 conversations between Rebus facilitator, you, and your support staff. Ileana, please let us know what slot you’d like to reserve! I’ll update the calendar invites with the list accordingly. The first 1:1 meeting is on Jan. 23rd.
    • Mondays 2:30-2:45pm ET
    • Mondays 2:45-3:00pm ET
    • Mondays 3:00-3:15pm ET - Yvonne and team
    • Mondays 3:15-3:30pm ET - Demetri & Vanessa
    • Mondays 3:30-3:45pm ET- Demetri & Vanessa
    • Mondays 3:45-4:00pm ET
  • Reminder about Publishing Support Team Forum on Friday, from 12-3pm ET at the Henry Whittemore Library at Framingham State University. Please let Millie know if you’re attending in person, and if not, keep an eye out for the Zoom invites.
  • Barbara very kindly set up a shared Google Drive folder, where you can all add your working documents. Please bookmark this folder. Make sure to link your working materials in the appropriate project sub-folders — this will make it easier for everyone in this cohort to follow along with your work, and for the PST to eventually assist with your projects.
  • TSP Phase 1 Survey reflections: some key themes from the survey was to return to a few topics in phase 2 (accessibility, culturally relevant content creation, launch preparation). There was also a repeated request for more collaboration and feedback opportunities, as well as to use deadlines to stay accountable in Phase 2.
  • Working time – Barbara will be sending out a recurring calendar invite for 2-5pm ET on Mondays to the cohort, which you can all use as optional work time on your OER projects.
  • Lastly, a small reminder that my colleague @joerdis will be stepping in to guide your conversations in the new year. I know another facilitator change may be daunting, but please be assured that Jördis brings decades of experience in education development, and is very excited to support your project work! I’ll be available in the forum for any additional support should you need it, and will certainly be around to champion/cheerlead/motivate you all along the way. More about Jördis on the Rebus website!

@ivasu — gentle reminder for you to select a slot as instructed here! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can’t do 3:45 -4.
I can do 2:45 -3 on January 23 (but not sure about later in the semester), so hopefully this can be negotiated.
Take care everyone

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Hello Illeana, I noted you down for the slot 2:45 slot on January 23. We can connect over your schedule when we next meet.

Wishing you a smooth end to the uni term and some days of rest in between now and the new year!

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Thank you so much, Jordis.
It is much appreciated.
Yes, smooth sailing to 2023!!
I can’t believe it.

Thanks, Ileana! You can coordinate with Jördis at the end of January when you both meet.

Hope you have a restful break, and a happy new year ahead!