Phase 2 Monthly Check-in #4: 27 March 2023

Dear @July22-M-1-cohort participants,

This is a friendly follow-up message to Apurva’s last email announcing our shared meeting with you next Monday, March 27, 2023. Hopefully, the following 1:1 meeting slots will still work for you. If not, please do reach out to arrange for an alternative time.

1:1 Meeting Slots
2:45-3:00pm ET - Ileana and Max
3:00-3:15pm ET - Yvonne
3:15-3:45pm ET - Demetri and Vanessa

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Hello Jordis,

May I please have the meeting link?

Thanks much,

Dear Yvonne,

I just sent the link in an email as requested.

Have a beautiful week,


I don’t have the link either.



Thanks so much, Jordis.

Enjoy your week!


Hello Barbara,

did you receive the last email I just sent? J.


I got notification from your reply to Yvonne. I did not get what you sent Yvonne.



@July22-M-1-cohort — thanks to everyone who joined Monday’s session. I appreciated hearing your updates, questions, and also how you all made the time to thank Jördis for her contributions to your group. We’ll miss her!

Here are some key takeways from our conversation:

  • Deadlines:
    • ROTEL expects a version of your OER available that is useable in a class (not necessarily completely perfect), for Fall 2023.
    • Our final TSP meeting is on 28 August 2023, so hopefully plenty of time for you to get to this usable version.
  • Folx really appreciated meeting as a group, even during the 1:1s, and sharing their updates, hearing colleagues’ challenges, and building camaraderie with one another. We will likely continue this approach going forward.
  • It was helpful to hear from Minh Li, part of the Publishing Support Team (PST).
    • The PST will likely be able to work on your projects on a rolling basis — so they can format your chapters as you submit them over the summer.
    • Once you submit your sample chapter, the PST will provide feedback to you, including suggestions for how to make the formatting of your book hassle-free.
    • The PST is also amenable to meeting you all to discuss your projects and ideas for how you’d like certain elements of the book to be used in the classroom!
    • Minh shared over email a link to 2 ROTEL published resources that you all are welcome to browse: ROTEL Book Repository

These are some goals that you all set for yourselves prior to our next meeting on April 24:

  • Yvonne:
    • Get feedback on Chapter 1 from PST, perhaps meet PST too.
    • Complete draft of Chapter 2.
    • Gather the names and emails of 3 potential peer reviewers for the book.
  • Demetri & Vanessa
    • Meet the PST to inform chapter structure.
    • Share a sample chapter with the PST, and others in the cohort for feedback.
    • Gather the names and emails of 3 potential peer reviewers for the book.
  • Ileana & Max - please do add your goals here! One that we require:
    • Gather the names and emails of 3 potential peer reviewers for the book.

I’ll send out a reminder about our next meeting one week prior.

Is there anything I’m missing?