Phase 2 Monthly Check-in #7: 26 June 2023

Hey @July22-M-1-cohort, we will be reconvening in a few weeks on June 26 at 2:30pm ET. I’ve pulled up the goals from the last time we met - if your goals aren’t accurately captured, please reply and let us know what you’ve been working towards instead! See you all then.

Goals for our session on June 26 at 2:30pm ET:

  • Yvonne
    • Yvonne will be working chronologically through the book, so will turn to chapter 3 once chapter 2 is done.
    • Given the timelines, she will likely be scaling back from a first draft of 10 chapters to a first draft of 7 chapters.
  • Demetri & Vanessa
    • At this point, they will work towards getting what they can in by June 30 - this will likely be 6 chapters out of 12 originally planned.
    • The remaining chapters will be included as is from the OER they are adapting, and Apurva suggested that they ask the grad student (Gina) who is collaborating with them to spend some time making sure these chapters follow the same structure as the first 6.
    • Time permitting in the June/July, Vanessa may add some quick reading checks in the chapters 7-12 to match what they have drafted for chapters 1-6.
    • Demetri and Vanessa also have a lot of material for an instructor’s manual.
    • Vanessa is excited about this and thinks it could be worthwhile and manageable to put this together with any extra time in the summer (rather than focusing on fully adpating chapters 7-12).
  • Ileana & Max
    • Ileana plans to schedule a meeting with the PST, to get their feedback on a chapter and to also get some input on how to scale back the content to fit within this summer production timeline.
    • IIeana will get peer reviewer names to Marilyn by the end of this week!
    • Continue to work on the book drafts
    • Find time to rest, so that the project work is happening from a less rushed space.

I’ll send a reminder out a week before our session. See you all then!

Hey everyone, thanks for attending last week’s session! It was so nice to see all of you there, a full house. I hope you enjoyed the company as well as all the updates. As a quick refresher, all of you are doing your best to meet the July 15 submission deadline.

Submission Guidelines are laid out here — please make sure to follow them as you submit! @mbilling will be updating the folder today so it’s doubly clear where you need to upload your files.


  • Submit your drafts to the PST by July 15
  • Submit your peer reviewer names to Marilyn
    All of this is being tracked in this production tracking sheet.

Resources from our meeting

Don’t forget to save the date for Ileana’s STEM Equity Conference - taking place 5 April 2024!

Remember, our next meeting is on July 24. I will send a reminder 1 week prior and can meet Max/Ileana before or after as needed.

We will have 1 more meeting in August, where we’ll celebrate all your hard work so far!!

Hello Everyone,

I just noticed that the due date of July 15th is on a Saturday. I usually work on weekends on the book and turning in my last chapter on Sunday, July 16th (an extra 24 hours) by midnight would certainly help.

Marilyn/Millie/Rebecca/Apurva: Is it OK if I turn in my last chapter on Sunday, July 16th by midnight?


Good question! @mbilling @vgonzalez — what do you both think?

Deadlines for the grant are under the purview of ROTEL so I’ll leave it to Marilyn or Millie to get back to you.

Yvonne, that is perfectly fine. No problem submitting your draft by the 16th.

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Thank you, Millie. I am most grateful!


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Thanks, Apurva. I have been approved by Millie.


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Not as much as I am to you Yvonne. So excited about your project.

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