Phase 2 Monthly Check-in #8: 24 June 2023

Hey @July22-M-1-cohort, we will be reconvening next week on July 24 at 2:30pm ET. The goals were pretty simple:

  • Submit your drafts to the PST by July 15.
    • Submission Guidelines are laid out here — please make sure to follow them as you submit!
    • Please connect with the PST directly about your submissions if you are yet to receive a confirmation of receipt.
    • Editing guidelines are also outlined for you so you know what to expect next.
  • Submit your peer reviewer names to Marilyn

All of this is being tracked in this production tracking sheet.

Hope to see most of you next week!! Ileana and Max - safe travels and let’s connect when you are back if possible, or we can regroup for our final meeting in August.

@July22-M-1-cohort Gentle reminder that we’re scheduled to meet today! See most of you soon :slight_smile:

Thank you, Apurva, for the reminder. I will be attending.

I can never find the link. My apologies. Can you please resend?


Sent it to you via DM!

Hi Apurva,

Sorry I didnt make it yesterday. On Mondays I work from 5am-2:30, then I teach my class online from 4:30 to 8pm. I fully intended to make the 9:30pm (for me) meeting but I basically fell asleep after dinner with my computer on. Sorry If I missed a lot, please keep me posted.

Hi Demetri, no worries! You’re working long days from the sounds of it, so missing yesterday’s meeting is okay. Vanessa gave us an update on your project. I’m gathering all my notes together to share a recap and summary, so please stay tuned.

Hi @July22-M-1-cohort! Thanks to those who could join me at last week’s check-in. As promised, here’s a summary of our conversation, list of resources shared, and goals for our FINAL session next month on August 28!

The goals for all project teams were to submit drafts to the PST by July 15 and submit names to reviewers! As indicated in the production tracking sheet, Yvonne, Demetri, and Vanessa have submitted their drafts and reviewer names — congratulations on this milestone! :clap:t5: Marilyn has emailed Ileana and Max (who are both travelling) to make sure their drafts are submitted soon — Max has had some technical issues but should be submitting their chapters shortly.

Yvonne and Vanessa had a few questions about next steps and a request for more communication, slower timelines for revision:

  • What is the PST working on right now? Since drafts have been submitted on July 15, the PST has been reviewing your chapters. They will pass on comments to you during the 1:1 meeting (Marilyn, please correct me if this is incorrect).
  • Who will contact them for the 1:1 with the PST? The PST will contact and arrange for the 1:1 meeting with faculty.
  • When will faculty be expected to make edits and revision to their drafts? How much time will be provided? @mbilling @mbillings will be updating the Editing Guidelines to offer updated information. Marilyn, if you can please notify teams when this has been done, that will be great!
  • When is the PST okay going to be given so they can receive the stipend? Yvonne is an adjunct and will get paid by the end of August. Barbara will take care of the payment + will work with Millie on this. She will coordinate with Yvonne to set her up in the system. Other questions about payment should be sent to @vgonzalez

Both Yvonne and Vanessa also had some excellent reflections on this process so far:

  • Determining what’s done is done has been tough, but Vanessa noted that she and Demetri have built in some key components into their drafts that they are proud of: maps, reflective questions, case studies, stories. They’ve indicated spots for interactivity or textboxes to make it easier for the PST.
  • Yvonne is feeling good, and both Vanessa and her noted that this drafting was a long haul.
  • Yvonne’s big challenge was to find social justice articles that could reinforce the point that she’s making in statistics — she was proud to report that feedback from students on chapter 1 & 2 has been mind-blowing. Student feedback has encouraged her immensely, as she sees how these students are interested in learning about statistics through social justice. Their deep insights have left her humbled and emotional. We noted that this was only the start of the impact all of your OER will have.
    • Questions she asked: 1) what stood out for you? 2) How could it be improved? 3) What did you like about it? 4) Did it heighten your interest in social justice issues? 5) Give me your suggested title for the chapter.
  • Both Vanessa and Yvonne have received opportunities to present to their peers: Demetri & Vanessa at their university’s development day. Yvonne delivered a presentation on culturally responsive pedagogy to faculty — she will share her presentation soon!
  • Reflections for Rebus about the TSP, and improvements for future rounds!

Resources Shared

  • Praise for the Book – Introduction to Philosophy: Epistemology – examples of books with student reviews
  • The Analysis of Knowledge – Introduction to Philosophy: Epistemology – examples of textboxes in Pressbooks
  • Marilyn introduced Dr.Michelle Cromwell - Equity consultant with the PST - she is looking 1:1 at every project and reviewing these materials. She will get her feedback for faculty before the start of classes. She’s caring seriously about the equity lens piece about each book that’s coming through. Michelle has a deadline of August 4 to meet with faculty (please contact Marilyn director for questions about this). Her feedback is stuff faculty to use for version 2 of the book.

Goals for Final Session

  • Submit your drafts and reviewer names if you have not yet!
  • Meet with PST and start editing your book based on their feedback.
  • Since our next session will be our final meeting through the TSP, I’d love if you could come ready to show off a small section of your book!
  • We will also do a quick overview of the program and spend some time filling out a final survey where you can share your reflections on your individual progress, team growth, OER production, and the program.

Any questions?

Great summary! Thank you, Apurva.


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Thank you, Yvonne! Can you please share your slide deck/presentation with us? I’m sure the others would love to see what you highlighted about culturally responsive pedagogy in your OER, and the ROTEL team may want to use some information there to market your OER and the initiative! Be sure to add a license and copyright information there with your name so we can give you due credit for the slides (look at Rebus slides as an example). :slight_smile: