OER homework platforms

Hi there,

I’m wondering if anyone has any platform recommendations for sharing test bank questions. I’m working with a professor who is developing questions for the OpenStax Microeconomics book. He plans on sharing them through Canvas Commons, but he’d also like to upload them to the OER repositories. Right now, the questions are simply living in a Word document. There has to be something that would be usable within various LMS systems, right?

Thank you!

Hi Mahrya, it’s great to hear that you’re working with a faculty on questions for the OpenStax Microeconomics book! I know that @dave.dillon was working with a group of people to find out best ways to share test bank questions both for easy importing into different LMS systems but also via a more editable format like Google Docs. Dave, do you have any recommendations for Mahrya?

Have others run into this issue before too? Or have found question banks to be in a particular format when searching for them in repositories?

Hi Mayhrya, @mahryaca

I coordinated a test bank development sprint for an intro to business OER last year. More info here: http://hdl.handle.net/10919/93404 and here: http://hdl.handle.net/10919/91377

I used Respondus 4.0 software (there is a 30-day demo) https://web.respondus.com/he/respondus to export questions into formats are are importable into Canvas, Blackboard and the XML QTI format. I also provided them in XLS (which includes additional metadata such as level and whether the question is conceptual or applied. This information was not included in the LMS-ready exports.) The Respondus 4.0 system is also helpful for identifying duplicates and multiple choice questions without (oops!) answers marked. There are several freely available tools https://www.cod.edu/it/blackboard/testgenerators.htm (at least one link here is broken) that will generate Blackboard-friendly exports.

I believe that there are also ways to export questions FROM an LMS, but that was not the direction I was trying to go. Happy to talk with you further if you like.


Thank you for creating this test bank!


I have downloaded quizzes from Canvas in QTI format and shared them as a file.