Office Hours: Reflections on Community

Topic: Reflections on Community
When: 2022-11-17T19:00:00Z2022-11-17T20:00:00Z
Guests: All of us and you! More details to come, stay tuned.

At this final Office Hours session we will reflect on community — which is what has brought us here and will take us towards brighter futures. We’ll explore how the open education community’s needs have been met and have evolved in recent years. We’ll invite everyone to share their thoughts on a variety of questions: How can we identify opportunities for addressing issues collectively, including the creation of shared resources or research on their impact? How do we ensure equity is central to these approaches and our community? How do we identify effective methods for supporting one another with compassion? What questions should we be asking to move our goals forward?

This will be our final Office Hours session co-hosted by the Rebus Community and Open Education Network. We will honour the five years of informal conversations we’ve had together around issues in open education, look to the community to inform the future, and offer ways to stay connected.

This session is now complete. Watch the recording below, or view the audio and chat transcripts . Thank you to everyone involved - from speakers and attendees to the broader open education community - for sharing your time, resources, and vulnerability with us over the past 5 years!

Attending our final session this week? Consider filling out our Reflections Survey to tell us what you liked, what you didn’t, and what programming you want to see down the road!