Monthly Check-in: November

@feb21-cohort — looking forward to seeing most of you today for our check-in this month! For those who can’t be here today, please let me know whether you’ve been able to reach your goals for last month, and if you have any leading up to December (session scheduled for December 7).

I would really like to finish my chapter, even if it’s a really drafty draft. This will put me a little ahead of the other contributors so I can give them some tips and style guide advice. Fingers crossed!!

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I am looking to follow up with Chris and Kris to see if they have been able to contact College St. Boniface to see about translation to French. Plan to also check in with Erica Brown to see how the cohort learning experience is going.

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Hi all,

Thanks for a great session today! It was nice to hear everyone’s updates and experiences at the OpenEd Conference.

My goals for the next month are to continue promoting the resource and collecting feedback with the Manitoba Foundations Group at our next check in. In addition, printed copies should be available sometime this month and we are hoping to get copies out to contributors.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next month. Take care of yourselves :slight_smile:

Sorry to have missed the meeting.

We received the CUNY funding so my goal is to disburse funds and meet with faculty around their projects. I’m in the process of transferring funds to the CUNY Teacher Ed team too :slight_smile:

Thanks Stacy - we missed you and a few others. Hope you had a good time with the kids home, and that lines to vote weren’t too long!

Here’s a link to the chat transcript from our session. Rounding up all the resources shared, and this time around, there are a lot of excellent highlights from last month’s Open Ed Conference. If you haven’t taken a look at the cohort sessions yet, I highly encourage you to!

This project transcended “the resource” and used the resource as a way for all to learn. Yes, they created a tangible adaptation, but the real “deliverable” here was the relationships and connections made to do the project, not necessarily the end product (as useful as it is). The process of adapting the open resource became an act of reconciliation and it clearly impacted all those involved in the project. This project really speaks to how open resources can be important catalysts for the development of something larger: community, reconciliation, decolonization, relationships, new ways of learning and building bridges between communities.

As an FYI - Open Publishing Fest is another online event taking place Nov. 8-19 that you all may be interested in attending. It is completely free, and a great event to learn about other open publishing, open source, or open access efforts/initiatives around the world.

Finally, just a reminder that our next session is on December 7 at 10amET, our usual time. Please let me know if this is a bad day for anyone. And if you haven’t yet, please tell me what your goals are for this meeting, and if there’s been any progress on your goals in October. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I had a loss in my family so I ended up missing for other reasons - though I did get to vote. I feel like I’m always difficult on timing - I have parent-teacher conferences on 12/7 at 10:20, but I can also just step away for a few minutes during the meeting.

I am very sorry for your loss, Stacy. :heart: That you still managed to other things on the day, and are still working is incredible - but do take some time to yourself and to be with family.

My schedule is pretty open for that day so I’m not opposed to moving our meeting if needed. Why don’t we wait to hear from others over the weekend? We can make a call sometime next week.

Take good care of yourself Stacy—thinking of you from afar.


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