Phase 2- Monthly Check-in #3: Cohort Meeting on Jan 27, 2023

Dear all in the @July22-M-1-cohort ,

This is a gentle reminder to kindly share access your current OER chapter drafts with the group by Thursday this week, January 24. Please link your work by responding to this thread and also let us know what kind of feedback will be useful to you.

Looking forward to reading and discussing your chapters,

Hi Jördis,
Here is our link directly to chapter 1 that has gone through a first round of edits and additions, you should be able to see the comment history and changes (I hope) There are still a few things that we need to do with it but wed like people to look at it.

I was looking for your email to give you access to edit if needed but was having trouble doing so, If you send a request Ill update it,

Also here is the link to the generic folder with all the work we are doing including chapters 2,3,6 as well as our assignments activites and media.

-Demetri & Vanessa

Dear Vanessa and Demetri,

I just requested access to your document through your document :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to reading more and to a rich discussion with you next week.


I think you should have access now

Yes, it works beautifully! Thank you.

May be about a half hour late to this meeting this week (conflicting meeting running into Rebus TSP time.)

Thanks for the heads up, @rdowgiert !

Dear all,

Yesterday’s cohort session was very interesting because it allowed us to see the beautiful progress Vanessa&Demetri and Illeana&Max have made with their projects. As part of the discussion, we saw how your changes address enhanced BIPOC and local representation through text, images, videos, data etc.

Yvonne, if you are curious about the apporaches Vanessa and Demetri take to engaging students in fruitful discussions and sharing of experiences through video messages, feel free to connect directly with the two or take a peak into their chapter here:

Max has been learning and teaching Illeana a new publishing software for Math, a skillset that enables the smooth display of problems and formula in a beautifully uncluttered design: [DevMath.pdf - Google Drive]

Rebecca joined us for a bigger part of the session. Her insights into licensing of images among other tips were much appreciated. She shared a link to the extensive libguide on OER for Framingham Finding, Using, Remixing, & Creating OER - Open Educational Resources (OER) - LibGuides at Framingham State University

Demetri and I were exploring ways to have students share ideas, questions, etc. in a collaborative space and looked a little more closely at open source collaborative documents as well as Hypothesis (which you can use within your Canvas environment or independently outside of the LMS through a free account). Vanessa is currently using the Hypothesis tool and might be willing to showcase the set up next time the cohort meets?

We noted how important it is to keep good record of all images that you bring in, i.e. the original url links, licensing info, and image descriptions for both images you find on the internet AND YOUR OWN. For headshots of people in your discipline (with no specific open license), consider exercising fair use to add them to your resource. For overview for Open image repositories, access Rebecca’s resource above or alternatively, use this quick link.

Wishing you a beautiful month of March until we next meet! Reach out to any of us should you need some guidance or want to spin off an idea.