Phase 2: Session 1 June 2023 Cohort Agenda

Hello, @june23-cohort! I am looking forward to meeting with you all again at our first Phase 2 session. Please check your calendar—we will be meeting on Wednesday, November 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Here’s our meeting agenda:

  • Discuss Phase 1 survey results
  • Review goal setting and key deadlines (sample chapter, peer reviewer selection)
  • Select time slots for Phase 2 1:1 meetings (15 min slots)

In preparation for our first phase 2 meeting, I have posted your responses to our last Phase 1 session forum. It’s okay if you weren’t able to accomplish everything you wanted to! During phase 2, I will post these reminders before our group sessions so that we can be prepared to provide updates.

Jill: My goal for this month is to explore the Google sites tools and watch tutorials on how to build the kind of site I would like. My goal for the semester is to finish “evergreening” the course materials and add them to the site.

Negin: Short term goal over the next month: administer student survey regarding content and professional development needs. Long Term goal- integrate outcomes in developing OER case studies.

Gonzalo: My goal for the next month and this semester is to polish the activities we are creating and eliminate glitches in some resources and platforms (Google,, Canvas, etc.). I also need to contact to potential reviewers. And design the feedback questions from students as users.

Patsy will provide us with updates when we meet.

Here’s a link to the Session 12 handout to review before our meeting. I’ll post a recap of our session after the meeting as I normally do. Please reach out if you have any questions!


11.2.23: Students in Death & Dying course will engage in Loss of Spouse/Partner activity. They will then reflect on the assignment and provide feedback. Activity will be revised/revisited and then posted to forum.
By 11.8 Post completed (student reviewed with feedback) activities/assignments to my forum to show progress
11.2 Meet with faculty from Anthropology and Humanities for assistance in developing Student Learning Outcomes for chapter 1 and 2 of textbook.
Rest of November: revise outlines for chapters. Review and select content for chapter 2 and 3. Edit chapter 1.
Revise SLOs for movie assignment and give to students. This assignment will be revised from on that is already in use in my course. I want to make it more open to movies other than the one that I use in my course.
Work with students in class on prompts for the Personal Reflection Essay assignment. *This assignment will be revised from one that is already in use in my course.

Would you send me today’s link again?


Have module 1 (sample module) ready by thanksgiving break.

Prepare Content Support Target: Complete by Mid December 2023
Formatting/Gathering Readings and Film citations
Evergreening slides and assessments
Adding Alt Text
Create front & back matter (About pages, syllabus, etc)
Create google form to capture user feedback about the OER course adopt/adapt, broken links, etc.
Write statement of Inclusive practice

Move Content Target: Complete by Mid December 2023
Setting up google site platform
Watching tutorials
Exploring tools on google sites
Creating format for site
Identify images for site pages
Email, invite external reviewers w/details and course access instructions for their review and feedback (via google form)

Review Content on Site
Content/SME role
Copy editing/proofreading
External reviewers (dance history instructors; students - course navigability/usability)
Create a google form to capture external reviewer and adopters’ feedback (instructors / students)

Our goal for November 2023 is to administer the student knowledge and skill gap survey (check with UMD IRB regarding ethics approval first), capture findings, and share with group at large to discuss possible case studies in Pressbooks.

Phase 2 Session 1 RECAP


It was wonderful to see you again and to get your updates on your amazing projects. I will try to send out a reminder email with the link and passcode 15 minutes before our meetings in future months so that we can make sure we all have ready access to this information.

In our first phrase 2 session, we reflected on your phase 1 survey results.

  • DEI was a highlight for this group.
  • Most of you mentioned that Phase 1 helped you to reach out and form community connections (library, instructional designers, etc.). Let’s keep this up in Phase 2!
  • Overall, you felt like you were on track to meeting your goals, and I agree.
  • You made a valuable suggestion that we could improve the connection between learning outcomes and homework assignments. If any of you has a specific lesson or assignment in mind, please reach out to me. Overall, I think this is important feedback for future cohorts.
  • You pointed out that maintaining a connection to the Rebus forum is sometimes an issue. We’ll want to use both your individual project forums and our group forums to track our progress during Phase 2, so please reach out if you have questions about how to use the forum.

You all provided updates on goals and achievements since our last meeting. I shared this link to schedule your 1:1s with me. Since our “official” date falls during Thanksgiving break, we decided to move the date to November 15. I am also available November 22 if this works better for you. Here is the sign up spreadsheet link.

Here’s our tentative plan for upcoming sessions (Fourth Wednesday of the month at noon except as noted). I have bolded the sessions when we will meet as a group.

  • November: 1:1s (we moved this to November 15 because of Thanksgiving)
  • December: CC Licensing and Fair Use workshop (here’s the link to Pressbooks Fair Use Guide)
  • January: 1:1s
  • February: Authoring and Editing Logistics/Teams
  • March: 1:1s
  • April: Publishing Logistics (Adoption)
  • May: 1:1s
  • June: Book Launch and Phase 2 Wrap up

Please post your group’s November goals as a reply to this forum. I am looking forward to working with you all during Phase 2!

My goal for November is basically to try again to get an answer from IT department. I hope they help me to fix the issues related to the accessibility.

@gonzalo.baptista I emailed you about this, and I also wanted to share this resource from a colleague at Boise State University. There may be some examples or activities you could use for your OER.