Phase 2: Session 7 - October 2022A Cohort

Hi @oct22-a-cohort!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and the beautiful weather we are having right now. We have our monthly meeting coming up on Friday, August 4th. I have included the Zoom links below as a reminder.

We have only 3 more meetings - August, September, and October. It’s a good time to think about what feedback you would like from the group. We are staring down that finish line and we can start to envision where we want to be at the end of this year-long experience. Some of you will start teaching with your OER in the Fall. What groups will you want feedback from - students, other faculty? What planning can you do before the start of the semester to make your OER successful in terms of meeting learning outcomes and student needs? What support do you need to make that happen?

Feel free to comment on any or all of the above in the forum and we can chat more at our next few meetings. Reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns that you have.


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Hi @oct22-a-cohort,

Looking forward to seeing you at 10am. @bridgetalepore and @elin.waring will show what they have created for LEH250. They have been busy creating multiple projects so lots to hear and give feedback about. We will also plan for quick updates at the end from everyone or an update in the forum if we run out of time today. I’ve heard from @mporos that she can’t make it today, unfortunately. I appreciate the heads up and feel free to leave an update for everyone in the forum, as well.

See you in a little under an hour!

Hi Stacy! Just a quick heads up that I have a call at 10 so I will be joining late - see you and the rest of the group soon!

Thanks for the heads up - see you soon!

Great presentation Bridget! Kudos on all the work you and Elin have done thus far.

Meanwhile, I’m finally feeling like I’m making some progress. the project is evolving from what I first proposed and is finding its focus. Thought it could easily be a 3 part endeavor, but for now, focusing on diverse voices in the field.

Julia, Jen and I started weekly 1 hour work meetings this summer to keep on track and that has been quite helpful. I discovered a lot of new material has emerged on multi-cultural issues in positive psych and so am digesting that. Much of it is not (yet) fully accessible (books/ebooks that require purchasing); for the sources that are open access, I plan to check on the licensing agreements to see what I can remix. So things are still morphing. Here’s to a productive August! Cheers,
Ann Marie

Thank you so much to @bridgetalepore for presenting on the LEH 250 work that you and @elin.waring have done. It’s truly impressive and I appreciated the overview and how you shared how the project grew and the thinking that went into everything so far. The chat is available in this file and has tons of feedback - meeting_saved_chat.txt (4.8 KB)
Everyone is also welcome to comment below with further feedback and questions. Please also post updates from @oct22-a-cohort since we had such a full session and not quite enough time for everything :slight_smile:

In terms of our next two meetings, the timing doesn’t work for us to meet on Fridays. Please fill out this doodle poll for our next meeting. Hopefully we can find a time that works for everyone!

Please reach out with any questions or any support you might need. Next meeting is our penultimate meeting and it’s a good time to think more about the review plans for your OER, publicizing your OER, and those other pieces you need to feel like it is in a shareable state - since we know it’s never quite done :slight_smile: