Phase 2 Session 5: Cohort Meeting February 7

@june23-cohort thanks to everyone who attended our cohort meeting. I have lots of links and information to share in this recap.

Link to chat session: Phase 2 Session 5 Chat: Marketing and Project Management - Google Docs

Link to 1:1 Scheduling Spreadsheet for March 13 meetings: Our next session will be our 1:1 meetings. as we discussed, please plan to have something that you can share publicly (it does not have to be perfect!).


We followed up on licensing questions. @apurva recommended this resource for you all: Licensing and Attribution Statement. If your institution wants co-authorship, you could consider a license that would read along these lines:

[OER Title and Link] by [Institution Name](Author Names), and is used under a CC BY 4.0 license.

The Making Ripples example is probably one of the best for now!

Project Management
Here are some Rebus resources you can review:

@mhashmi1 has lots of experience in project management, so I reached out to her for suggestions about tools. She reminded us that it’s important to be clear about roles and responsibilities. She also mentioned this tool to manage your project: (free version)

Here are a few other tools you could consider:

  • Slack free version (there are limits on storage and use)
  • Project Management in Microsoft Teams (if your institution uses Microsoft)
  • Google: Many people use a Google sheets spreadsheet to track projects—my team did this. The Kanbachi app is a plug in that can facilitate project management (Kanban board) It has a free trial but ultimately requires payment.
  • Zoho has a “forever free” version for small projects (up to two projects and three users)

We also reviewed marketing and shared some of what your teams are already doing. Here are some
Rebus Resources

Conferences are a great place to showcase your work and connect Reminder about MOST showcase April 26: Incorporating Generative AI into Learning Experiences Virtual Showcase | USM Center for Academic Innovation

Word of mouth is also a good way to share your resource, and consider whether your school’s marketing team can help. Here’s an example for one of my books.

Reviewers can contribute to your project and help to share it, and now is a good time to reach out. Here is the Call for Participants handout from Rebus. @jillv shared how she connected with two instructors who will help her with her resource. Remember to think about how you will give reviewers credit. Can you or your institution provide them with a letter for T&P packet? We need to promote OER for T&P as scholars.

Post to the OER Commons, Rebus, Merlot, etc. Make sure you review submission requirements. See requirements here:

I like this LibGuide: Promoting Your OER - Open Education Resources (OERs) - Research Guides at Thompson Rivers University Library

AI Notes

Finally, I shared an AI resource and a call for chapters on teaching with AI:

  • AI Flowchart for Designing Assignments from UMass Amherst “How do I Consider Options that May Increase the Likelihood that Students Will Follow my Generative AI Course Policy?”
  • Call for chapters

I am looking forward to meeting with your teams on Wednesday, March 13! Keep me posted if you have questions.

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