Posters for publicizing open textbooks

Hi everyone,

Someone asked me if we have a poster about the open textbooks in our project that could be publicized for people to print off and post at their institutions. I think that’s a lovely idea, and I wondered if anyone has done anything like that. I’m happy to create one (using Canva or similar; ideas on tools welcome!), but I’m not very good at design and I’d be happier seeing an example or two as inspiration. Please reply if you’ve got such a thing, or have seen one elsewhere, or have a suggestion on a tool to use to create one.


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I love this idea. I use Canva all the time to make Twitter cards for Rebus events, and highly recommend it if you don’t have extensive design skills (like me). Here’s an example of our Twitter cards. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but may inspire. :sweat_smile: