Problem with Textbook Internet Explorer

Hello Apurva and Rebus,

I am a member of the DePaul Team working on the “Introduction to Community Psychology Textbook” on the pressbooks platform with Rebus. We are planning on distributing the link for the book ( and chapter 1 for our authors today. We have been trying the book out on different browsers and we ran into an issue with internet explorer. The copyright info and share info merges with the text, which one of our reviewers pointed out.

Is there a way to fix this problem for internet explorer specfically? Or to make sure it does not happen on other browsers? I have included a screenshot as well. Thank you!!


@jfpo1991 Hi Jack, thanks for your question and for sharing the screenshot.

Pressbooks is only supported on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. Internet Explorer, unfortunately, isn’t compatible with their formatting so they generally advise against users viewing or working on webbooks on Internet Explorer (IE). It might be worth putting a similar disclaimer at the start of your book, if you’d like, for any readers who may try to view the book in IE. Apologies if this isn’t the solution you were looking for, but I believe Pressbooks’ compatibility was affected by Microsoft’s own move from IE to Edge and the varying support of certain web elements in the two browsers.

As an aside, I just wanted to note that I have looked at the chapter in Chrome, and it is looking great! You and the team have done an excellent job of formatting so far! :smiley:

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