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Co-Requisite Statistics

Subject: Mathematics

Book Language: English

Audience: High School, College

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Created date: June 3, 2021

Updated date: August 24, 2021

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Short Description:

“Introduction to Statistics” prepares students to solve problems that involve collecting and analyzing data, and to make inferences and evaluate arguments that are based on data analysis in all fields of study. As such, the course will provide the student with the fundamental concepts and methods of analysis. The topics in this course include: descriptive statistics; inferential statistics; sample quantities; normal, binomial, hypergeometric, and Poisson distributions; sampling distributions; point and interval estimation; hypotheses testing; inferences about means, proportions, and deviations; tests for independence and goodness-of-fit; correlation and regression; and the development and use of all statistical tables needed for computations. The project will convert homegrown content to compile a set of ancillary materials for Topics of Introduction to Statistics. This course is the co-requisite course for Introduction to Statistics.


Collecting Data

1.1 The Structure of Data

1.2 Sampling from a Population

1.3 Experiments and Observational Studies

Describing Data

2.1 Categorical Variables

2.2 One Quantitative Variable: Shape and Center

2.3 One Quantitative Variable: Measures of Spread

2.4 Boxplots and Quantitative/Categorical Relationships


P.1. Probability Rules

P.2. Tree Diagrams

P.3. Combinations and Permutations


P.3. Random Variables and Probability Functions

P.4. Binomial Probabilities

P.5. Normal Distribution

Sampling Distributions

Confidence Intervals

Single Proportion

Single Mean

Difference in Proportions

Difference in Means

Hypothesis Testing

6.1. Inference for a Proportion

6.2. Inference for a Mean

6.3. Inference for a Difference in

6.4. Inference for a Difference in Means

6.5. Paired Difference in Means

Chi Square

7.1. Testing Goodness-of-Fit for a Single Categorical Variable

7.2. Testing for an Association between Two Categorical Variables


Linear Regression

2.5 Two Quantitative Variables: Scatterplot and Correlation

2.6 Two Quantitative Variables: Linear Regression

Pre-Algebra Skills