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Soils: An Annotated Bibliography

Subject: Environment & Earth Sciences

Book Language: English

Audience: Students in introductory soil science courses and the soil-curious public

Created date: April 14, 2020

Updated date: June 18, 2020


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Short Description:

This open annotated bibliography curates freely-available online content for students in introductory soil science courses and the soil-curious public. Cited resources include extension publications, government reports, technical bulletins, interactive resources, videos, and more. This book is currently under development. Suggestions for resources are welcome. We are also seeking instructors interested in trying a draft of the textbook in their classrooms once it’s complete.


Introduction to Soils

Soil Genesis, Classification, and Mapping

Soil Physical Properties

Soil Water

Soil Biology

Soil Chemistry

Soil Fertility

Soil Management

Soil Science Careers

Soils and Culture

Additional Resources