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Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography

Subject: Environment & Earth Sciences

Book Language: English

Audience: Undergrad and graduate students, conservation practicioners

Book Cover:

Created date: November 12, 2019

Updated date: April 14, 2020

Target Release Date: 2019-12-20


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The development of

Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography

was a collaborative effort led by

Colby Moorberg

. The aim of the project was to develop an open, alternative textbook for courses in soil and water conservation. Dr. Moorberg teaches AGRON 635 - Soil and Water Conservation at Kansas State University each fall semester. The goal was to develop a resource for soil and water conservation education that uses existing extension bulletins and publications, government publications, USDA NRCS conservation practice standards, and other resources that are freely-available online. It is organized as an annotated bibliography with links to the online resources, and curated into relevant chapters and sections based on each topic. It is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY).

The book is now complete, and was published by and

available from New Prairie Press


Short Description:

This open textbook is an annotated bibliography that curates freely-available online content related to soil and water conservation. Cited resources include extension bulletins, government reports, technical bulletins, and more. The textbook is designed for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses on soil and water conservation, as well as conservation practitioners. The book was

published by New Prairie Press

in December of 2020.


I. History and Fundamentals

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Key Concepts in Soil Science

Chapter 3 - Soil Erosion Processes

II. Conservation Practices

Chapter 4 - Conservation Practices on Farmland

Chapter 5 - Conservation Practices for Shorelines, Streams, and Wetlands

Chapter 6 - Conservation Practices for Forest, Range, and Wildlands

Chapter 7 - Conservation Practices for Construction Sites and Disturbed Areas

Chapter 8 - Rehabilitation of Problem Soils

Chapter 9 - Water Quantity and Quality Conservation

III. Conservation Implementation

Chapter 10 - Conservation Practices in a Broader Context

Chapter 11 - Conservation Agencies and Policies in the US

Chapter 12 Conservation Policies

IV. Careers in Conservation

Chapter 13 - Careers in Soil and Water Conservation