Peer-review of Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography

Soil and Water Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography book was recently published by New Prairie Press. We are seeking peer-review comments through March 8, 2020. All comments and responses to comments will be publicly viewable. You can submit comments through three different methods. Revisions to the book will made made as necessary after the comment period ends.

1. is enabled on the PressBooks site for the book. You can sign up for a account here. Please use public annotations when commenting.

2. This Rebus Community Thread
Please post comments below

3. Google Form
Please submit comments using the Google Form below. Note, all Google Form comments will also eventually be made publicly viewable.

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The open peer-review period closed on March 8. No comments were submitted to this thread or via the Google Form. There were comments submitted via, which have each been addressed. Comments can be submitted through a feedback form that will be monitored intermittently.

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Thanks for the update, Colby. Good to hear that any comments submitted via have been addressed already. That was quick work! Perhaps you’ll get more feedback, both from students and instructors, as the book is used in more courses.

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