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Writer to Writer: A Guide to Academic Writing

Subject: Post-secondary Education

Book Language: English

Audience: undergraduate and graduate student writers of all disciplines

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Created date: March 20, 2020

Updated date: May 18, 2020

Target Release Date: 2020-09-01


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Contributions are composed and revised by tutors over a two-year process in a course called the peer-tutoring practicum. They are then submitted for peer review through the Rebus platform before publication. We plan for this resource to continue growing every year. Our audience is quite specific–undergraduate and graduate student writers at the University of New Haven–but we expect that our advice will also prove useful to writers outside our community.

Short Description:

Peer tutors employed at the University of New Haven Writing Center are well-acquainted with the challenges facing student writers. These tutors also know how to explain things in a way that really clicks. The Guide to Academic Writing gives tutors an opportunity to be authors and publishes the very best of their advice online for student writers.


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