Project Status Updates: Auf dem Weg!: High School German

Welcome to Auf dem Weg!: High School German!

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Update! :partying_face:

We have applied to have our project hosted by Rebus Press. This will grant us access to publishing the book using Rebus’ instance of Pressbooks.

When we are up and running this will give us access to the Plugins usually reserved for academic institutions, like H5P.

If you are planning on taking part in the project, make sure you follow the project on our homepage. And take part in our discussions at #open-textbooks-in-development:auf-dem-weg-high-school-german

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I have been teaching German in public high school for 24 years. I teach levels 1-4 and also AP. Sometimes I also teach ESL and ELA. We don’t have any textbook support for German in my district, so I have been creating my own materials all these years…would love to collaborate with others.

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