Project Status Updates: Game Design and Develoment

Welcome to Game Design and Development!

It is proposed that this textbook will be developed by students as part of the Multimedia Development Modules at TU Dublin


Hi Shaun. Welcome to Rebus Community. Just popping in to share this resource on making open textbooks with students. Perhaps it will help.

Also, my brother has a game design degree. I’ll definitely point your project out to him.


HI Leigh,

Thanks for the welcome, as Its a student led project I’m really looking forward to see how we get on. Out of interest I applied for a Rebus PressBooks account, is this a long process to become approved?

Hi Shaun! I received your request for access to the Rebus Press and was going to reach out, as it’s actually come in through an old form. Could you possibly let me know where you found it so we can update the info?

The way we handle access to the Press has changed since that time, and right now we can offer it on a case by case basis, with a few prerequisites to meet. Usually we discuss it with projects that either have their content ready to be formatted, or who want to be creating directly in Pressbooks for a particular reason and are ready to do so. Could you tell us more about your project and where you are in the process? Look forward to hearing about it!

Hi Zoe,

I know that problem! :joy: hyperlinks are great until you have to start changing them! I went looking through my history and can’t seem to find it again if I do I’ll let you know.

This project starts on Thursday and will last until the first week of May(spring semester). At this stage, I just wanted to confirm that the book would have a home in PressBooks through Rebus. Additionally, I’m in the process of editing a Pressbooks book through a partnership with OntarioTechU and Durham College and I think there is a benefit for students to see their work early in the process in an online environment and then using hypothesis for feedback but I’m happy to use Google Docs for the early drafting.
I suppose as long as I know the process and that if we have a book worth sharing that it will have a home.

Thanks again for the quick reply