Project Summary: Equity Literacy Project

Lead editor/author(s): Stephanie Whalen and Chris Dobson, Harper College

Project Title: Equity Literacy Project
License: CCBY-SA
Subject: Equity in Education

A Community of Practice at Harper College is a group of educational professionals who come together to work on a shared interest related to teaching and learning. Our Community of Practice, The Art of Teaching for Equity, invited educators from District 211, 214, 220, and Northern Illinois University to take part in a series of workshops intended to develop a shared lexicon schools can use for engaging in work around equity, inclusion, and social justice. We intend that this resource will be utilized to further discussions concerning these issues in our communities and for professional development.

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Looking forward to putting this OER book together with you and the rest of the Barrington and Palatine district members. I know it will turn out to be a great resource!


this is so awesome!!

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