Equity Literacy Project

Project Title: Equity Literacy Project
Lead editor/author(s): Stephanie Whalen and Chris Dobson, Harper College
License: CCBY-SA
Subject: Equity in Education

A Community of Practice at Harper College is a group of educational professionals who come together to work on a shared interest related to teaching and learning. Our Community of Practice, The Art of Teaching for Equity, invited educators from District 211, 214, 220, and Northern Illinois University to take part in a series of workshops intended to develop a shared lexicon schools can use for engaging in work around equity, inclusion, and social justice. We intend that this resource will be utilized to further discussions concerning these issues in our communities and for professional development.

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Hi Stephanie! Thanks for filling out this request. You’re all set! Your dedicated discussion space can be found here: https://forum.rebus.community/c/open-textbooks-in-development/equity-literacy-project.

Please check your Direct Messages for additional instructions. And if you need help, post a question in “Help and Questions.” Looking forward to seeing this project grow!

Hi, Apurva,
Thanks for starting our discussion forum for the project. Chris and I would like to understand how to get into the Pressbooks part of the project to start importing content our colleagues from the local school districts have contributed in GoogleDocs. Then, we will invite them to join and continue with writing and editing our work. How do I add Chris to the project so that he and I can work on it? Also, how to we access Pressbooks to start placing the content in there? Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks so much!

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Hi Stephanie! Congrats on your project! It sounds like a really fantastic initiative.

Just chiming in to say we recommend projects do the bulk of their writing and editing (and even peer review in many cases) in Google Docs as it’s just better set up to do so, especially when you’re collaborating with a team. Once the content is as far along as you can get it, it’s at that point you can move it into Pressbooks.

On that front, we’re working out a new approach to offering access to the Rebus Press (our Pressbooks instance) at the moment, so will have more details in the coming weeks on how projects can get access. We’ll be sure to share them with you once we’re ready to go :slight_smile:

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