Project Summary: History of Applied Science and Technology

Hi there! I’m an undergraduate Linguistics and Professional Communications student at the University of Victoria! I would be really eager to help copy edit or proofread for this project, even as an assistant to a more experienced copy editor. I just finished working on the journal Victorian Review last semester (the issue I worked on happened to be about Alfred Russel Wallace, actually) and am still resisting the urge to copy edit everything I see…

I’d be especially happy to take a look at chapters 1 - 4 since I happen to be in the middle of some informal research projects that incorporate pre-1500 MENA, South Asian and sub-Saharan African history, but proofreading is its own reward, so please feel free to let me know if I can be helpful when any copy is delivered!

Welcome @megdcu , very happy to have you aboard!

I think we need to make some tshirts with the following:

“Proofreading is its own reward.”

@hugh I would certainly wear one! :slight_smile:

@megdcu Thank you for your interest, and I have added your name to the list of copy editors! I don’t suppose you might be interested in doing any writing on South Asian or sub-Saharan African sections?

@danielle While I wouldn’t want to mislead you into thinking that I have scholarly expertise in those topics, I would be pleased to help out with writing if an expert doesn’t pop up in time to move forward! I would be researching from scratch to write those sections as much as any other person with a slightly-more-than-passing acquaintance with those subjects would (I’m most familiar with southern Nigerian topics, where I’ve been digging myself down a rabbit hole for half a year, but still don’t feel like I’ve done more than scratch the surface), but I most likely have more time to do that research than a graduate/doctoral student or an instructor and will be starting in on it at some point one way or another…so if the opportunity arises, I would be happy to make any contributions you think would be appropriate!

@megdcu I misread your mail above to say that you were an undergraduate professor. My apologies. Let’s talk by email. We could certainly use proofreading! I’m at danielle.skjelver (at) Looking forward to hearing from you!

@danielle Oh, no problem! I thought something like that might be the case…you can imagine me picking the words of my last reply very carefully! I’ll get in touch by email to perhaps assist with proofreading when the time arises.

@megdcu Haha! Yes, I can. I do apologize. Thanks for your offer, and I look forward to hearing from you!

This looks like a fantastic project! I’m really eager to be involved in any way I can and see things unfold.

@shawn.morton welcome aboard! really looking forward to this project unfolding.

I reached out to a number of potential contributors. Not all of them had time to commit, but I followed up asking if they would be interested in keeping abreast with the project. Have had a couple of “yeses” to that question, so one thing that each Project (including this one) might consider doing is developing a mailing list, to send out updates.

We’ll talk about that internally at Rebus & have some ideas about how to operationalize … but: @danielle-skjelver thinking about this, it would mean that, say, M-J Bishop could be on a mailing list about the book without having to sign up to the forum (for instance), as well as some interested academics who aren’t participating in the project, but might still want to be cheerleaders.

@shawn.morton Welcome, Shawn! I look forward to working with you!

@hugh This is a great idea. It might be useful for this project led by @klaurits as well.

@danielle Yes! I like the mailing list idea, too. Thanks for thinking of the guide.

Hello! This project sounds fascinating. If you need any additional proofreading or copy editing for this project, I’d love to help. I’m a graduate student in the English and Film Studies Department at U Alberta; I’m also part of the copy editing team at Feral Feminisms.

@leanne Thanks for the offer! I will put you on the list! Feral Feminisms sounds fascinating!

@danielle Thanks! I look forward to working with you.

@danielle Hello again! I was just curious to know where this project is at, and if you’re still in need of any proofreaders or copy-editors. Thanks!

@leanne Hello Leanne! Actually yes, there are some parts that are ready for proofreading. I will send you a private message so that we can work via email. Thanks!

Hi Everyone @histscitech-team,

Just a quick update: I have returned as sole executive editor after a hiatus to finish my dissertation. Thank you to Linda Ruggles for keeping the project moving while I was gone.

Our present focus is getting all submissions received into publication. We are still in need of an Africa editor. I have posted a call here: Call for Africa Editor: History of Applied Science and Technology

We are also in need of peer reviewers for all areas. I have posted the call here: Call for Peer Reviewers: History of Applied Science and Technology

Thanks so much to everyone who has been and continues to be part of this valuable project!

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