Project Summary: Psychology 199 - Thanatos (Death and Dying)

Please use the Project Summary Template introduced in Session 2: Project Scoping and post your updates here.

Project Summary- What I have so far.
McKenzie Project Summary.docx (56.3 KB)

I have emailed my teammates and gave them an update on the project. We have determined that we will use One Drive to communicate edits, changes, and adds to the documents. I have also asked about Press Books. We don’t have an institutional subscription so we are exploring options at this point. Hopefully, we’ll have this sorted out in the next few days.
I’m continuing to research materials for the project and have begun a spread sheet with information about each.

Project Summary Update 8.9.23
Team members met July 31st to discuss the following:

ways to utilize both instructional designers (Levi and Juli). Levi will help create video content as well as take photos.
Juli will help with course design for Brigthspace content like embedding links and videos in materials
Tammy and Juli suggested that we can use the new video recording function in Brightspace to record short lectures or introductions to topics.
We agreed to use MicroSoft Document for all drafting of written content. We’ll use the accessibility checker as we go.
Patsy will send Teresa a search list for information/content
Anticipated timeline for content collection and initial drafts is fall 23. Students will be invited to participate in collection or drafting sections of the ancillary materials.

The text for the project has been identified and the license does allow for revision.
The team will meet every other week beginning in September.

Learning outcomes update.
Learning outcomes for the text chapters will be specific for the material covered in each and these will be chapter or unit outcomes.
Ancillary materials will be related to specific course-level student learning outcomes.
*The course learning outcomes will need to be a 70% match to the outcomes of death & dying courses offered at bachelor’s level programs in order to maintain transferability of the course.
Revisions to course-level learning outcomes will be made in the fall/spring 23-24 academic year. Revisions will be based on suggested outcomes from the MACC Psychology Electives Working Group that which Patsy McKenzie is a member of.

McKenzie Project Summary.docx (57.2 KB)

Patsy reached out to Dr. Jennifer Flinn at Frostburg State University. Jennifer indicated that she is interested in helping with the project. Patsy and Jennifer will talk next week about her role.

8.30 update on reaching out with faculty from FSU. This collaboration has not panned out at this stage as hoped.