Project update 9.1.23

9.1.23 Team Meeting
Attendance: Christina, Patsy, Levi, Cambria

Discussed publishing and website options.
Discussed insertion of materials into content/text
Discussed license requirements for use of artwork including published street art.
Will schedule team meeting with all members after Patsy’s surgery/recovery

Christina, Patsy, Cambria discussed outline for first 3 chapters.
Goal: Complete chapters 1-3 including assignments by February 1 2024
Chapter 1 Introduction to death & dying
Main question: What is death and dying and what does it mean to you? (proposed discussion/thought question)
Connected assignment: Death & Dying Perspectives Interview
Topics covered:
History of death rituals and knowledge
Evolution of mythology and personification of death
Changing attitudes and perspectives towards death
Death expressions in modern society
literature, media (social media, movies, music, video games, etc.)
Connected assignment: Music and death (identifying how death and dying are expressed and represented in various genres of music)
Chapter 2 Culture
Main Question: What is culture and how influence the understanding and experience of death and grief?
Connected assignment: Cultures and Rituals around the World assignment
Topics covered:
Chapter 3 Understanding the Death Systems
Main Question:
Connected assignment: Proposed sell of human organs debate.
Topics covered: