January 30.24 project update

January update on progress:

1.30.24 ACM’s senior vp was in contact with Patsy today regarding how ACM will allow the textbook and ancillary materials to be licensed. It was agreed upon that we will license the materials together (ACM, Christina and Patsy). The license will be CC by no commercial.

1. The PressBooks subscription purchase request has been submitted and I'm waiting on notification that Christina and Patsy can start transferring content. When we hear that we have the subscription we will meet with Juli Whetstone who is an instructional designer. She'll help with the layout and format for the chapters and table of content.
Work on choosing pictures and media for the chapters has been slow. We are more focused on content right now. Later this semester we'll meet with Levi again about the media content for the textbook.
  1. Patsy is revising a chapter on how we learn about and deal with death across the lifespan because she found more updated literature, especially on younger children, than what has been available in other texts.
  2. Patsy’s intern starts tomorrow and one of her responsibilities will be to summarize articles and enter them into the reference spreadsheet .
    4. Christina is sending Patsy a draft copy of the mythology and history chapter for input and review.
    5. Patsy is revising two chapters now. It’s more like adding content than revising. Again, she’s working through a lit review for more updated content on social media use and grieving.
    6. Patsy’s spring death & dying class is now piloting the revised ancillary assignments. We have already made changes to the music and death language assignment and culture and death rituals assignments. Those documents will be emailed to Liza for comment.
  3. Accessibility issues will be addressed with an eLets (at ACM) review prior to publishing.