Reviewer Information & Discussion

This thread is for the review process for The Science of Human Nutrition. See the full project summary.

This project, led by the University of Hawaii, aims to adapt and expand on existing open educational resources to meet the needs of high-enrolment undergraduate (100 level) courses in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Call for Reviewers:
We are currently looking for volunteers to review each chapter of the text.

The chapters first round of chapters available for review are:

  1. Basic Concepts in Nutrition: What and why do we eat?
  2. The Human Body: What happens to the food we eat?
  3. Energy: Food is fuel
  4. Basic Nutrition Assessments: How do we evaluate nutritional status?
  5. Water and Electrolytes

The second round of chapters available for review are:
6. Carbohydrates
7. Lipids
8. Protein
9. Alcohol
10. Vitamins
11. Minerals
12. Nutritional Recommendations: How much of what foods should we eat?
13. Lifespan Nutrition: Food for life
14. Performance Nutrition
15. Food Safety: Keeping food from biting back
16. Nutritional Issues: Global problems

How to Participate:
If you would like to join this project as a reviewer, please comment below to introduce yourself and let us know which chapter(s) you are interested in, then email Billy Meinke at to arrange access to the content.

Review Guidelines:
The text will be made available in Google Docs, and reviewers will be asked to consider the content in line with a rubric developed by BCcampus (see review guide below).

Each chapter is around 45-50 pages, though some are shorter. We expect the time commitment from reviewers to be around 4 hours.

Read the full review guide.

Our aim is to have the review process completed by the end of July, in order to prepare the book for use in the Fall semester.

First round of reviews are due June 15th.
Second round of reviews are due July 15th.

If you would like to participate but are not sure you can meet these deadlines, please let us know and we can make other arrangements.

If you have any questions about the review process, please let us know below!