Project Summary: The Science of Human Nutrition


Title: The Science of Human Nutrition (working title)
Project manager: Billy Meinke (University of Hawaii) / @wmeinke
Authors: Alan Titchenall (University of Hawaii), Marie Kainoa Fialkowski Revilla (University of Hawaii), Cheryl Gibby (University of Hawaii)
Target Audience: 100-level/undergraduate
Subject: Human Nutrition
License: CC-BY
Target Release Date: Fall 2017

This is a textbook for high-enrolment undergraduate (100 level) course in the FSHN (Food Science and Human Nutrition) department at UH Manoa. It will cover elementary aspects of several biological sciences, including information on what nutrients are and what nutrients and foods do for humans; how healthy people can best get the amounts of nutrients and foods they need throughout their lifetime; how people and the environment change foods and their nutrient content; and nutrition issues of current interest.

We are currently looking for help with:

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This textbook is scheduled for completion for the Fall 2017 semester. In the upcoming months, we will need your help marketing the book for course adoptions.

If you’re excited by this project, but still not sure where you’d like to get involved, just sign up to the forum, and post below for project updates. Give us an idea of your background, particular area of expertise, and interests. We’ll follow up and make sure we find ways to have you participate!

This project couldn’t happen without your participation. All contributing authors will be credited prominently in their chapter, the book, the metadata and promotional materials. All editors, reviewers and other contributors will also be credited.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

  1. Basic Concepts in Nutrition: What and why do we eat?
  2. The Human Body: What happens to the food we eat?
  3. Energy: Food is fuel
  4. Basic Nutrition Assessments: How do we evaluate nutritional status?
  5. Water and Electrolytes
  6. Carbohydrates
  7. Lipids
  8. Protein
  9. Alcohol
  10. Vitamins
  11. Minerals
  12. Nutritional Recommendations: How much of what foods should we eat?
  13. Lifespan Nutrition: Food for life
  14. Performance Nutrition
  15. Food Safety: Keeping food from biting back
  16. Nutritional Issues: Global problems


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Current project team:

@wmeinke (project manager), @hugh, @zoe, @megdcu, @paulapreads, @cfarnum, @kmwoodward, @sara-ducey, @normant, @changqi-liu … and you?

Hi there! I’m an undergraduate copy editor at University of Victoria. I recently finished working on the upcoming issue of Victorian Review and would be really interested in helping out with this initiative. (My program: linguistics and professional communications.) Even if another more experienced copy editor offers to participate, if they would like an assistant I’d be very happy to help!

@megdcu Thanks for chiming in!

Would be great to have help with copyediting the Nutrition textbook once we get to the first stages of it.

Be in touch, thanks!

I’ve created an OER resource sheet for the text, as we prepare to begin authoring.

If you have any resources to add that might be relevant or useful for our development, please leave a comment on the gDoc or reply to this thread.


I am a reading tutor and copy editor living on Oahu, and I have also done some proofreading for SUNY. I am happy to offer my assistance with this project.

@paulapreads Thanks for chiming in regarding our upcoming book!

It’d be great to involve you once we have drafts available. I’ll ping back in a few weeks once we have made progress on the early chapters :slight_smile:

@wmeinke Hello, I’m a librarian at the Ryerson University Library & Archives. One of the faculty areas I support is the School of Nutrition here at Ryerson University. I would be interested in helping out through acting as a reviewer or editor. I’ve worked as a reviewer/editor for several library publications over my career.

@cfarnum Fantastic!

We are a couple weeks away from having the first several chapters complete, and I’ll ping you once we do.

Appreciate having this much help offered :slight_smile:

@wmeinke Looking forward to the first few chapters.

Aloha @paulapreads @cfarnum @kmwoodward!

We’re ready to do reviews and edits on the first six chapters of the text.

Can you each shoot me an email to if you’re willing to lend a hand?

Will then share links and docs w/you.



Hi everyone! Billy and I are pleased to have the first set of chapters ready for review, and there’s a bit of a preview in the call for reviewers on our blog if you’d like to take a look.

I’ll echo him in checking in with @paulapreads @cfarnum @kmwoodward - are you still available to take on a chapter or two, or know someone who might?

Will be great to get things moving on this project – please share the word if you can!

I am available to take a look at a chapter, feel free to send something my way.


Awesome, @cfarnum, thanks so much. If you email @billy-meinke at he’ll make sure you have everything you need.

I would like to help with this book. I can review the chapter on lipids and one on water. Sara Bachman Ducey, Certified Nutrition Specialist, MS Human Nutrition, MPH, Environmental Health Science. I teach at Montgomery College in Maryland.

@sara.ducey Aloha Sara!

Please send an email to and I’ll share the docs with you. Thanks!

I published the following OER textbook a year ago. It’s going to be used around Africa

Community Nutrition for Developing Countries
Edited by Norman J. Temple and Nelia Steyn

The book has been published. It has been co-published by Athabasca University Press (AU Press) in Edmonton, Canada, and by UNISA, in South Africa.
The book is available via the internet to everyone at no charge. Simply go to the following link:

@cfarnum Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. We now have the majority of the content taken care of, are now looking for reviewers. Is the book you’ve linked to here under an open license? All content we are using is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Thanks!

@wmeinke i think you confused my post with another post…I haven’t linked to any OA textbooks in my communications…

@wmeinke just sent my request for chapters. Ready to review. Cheers, Sara

@sara.ducey Awesome, thanks Sara!