RFP / Call for Ancillary Materials & Sidebars: Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Editors: Dr. Michelle Ferrier (Ohio University) & Liz Mays (Rebus Community / Arizona State University)

Target Audience:
The book is designed for use in media entrepreneurship and innovation courses and other mass communications / journalism courses that contain modules on entrepreneurship.

Book Summary:
Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be an open (CC-BY) textbook and skills workbook that covers the key concepts that media, comms or journalism students need to understand about media innovation and entrepreneurship specific to the journalism, media and communications industries (content/tech entrepreneurship being very different than traditional brick-and-mortar entrepreneurship).

In addition to the main chapters, the text will also contain sidebars, classroom activities, and faculty resources. (Down the line, we’ll also be compiling a companion instructor’s manual that helps you in building capacity in your institution.)

Request for Ancillary Materials & Sidebar Contributions:
We are looking for authors (academics and professionals) to contribute sidebars and resources for each of our chapters (see below for TOC).

Resources can include:

  • In class activities
  • Homework assignments
  • Presentations
  • Slide decks
  • Videos
  • Readings
  • Any other related materials

Sidebars might take several formats

  • Professional entrepreneurs elaborate on concepts or techniques discussed in the chapter.
  • A faculty member provides a case study from classroom experiences.
  • A student of a media innovation class talks about their experience.
  • A sidebar describes efforts for interdisciplinary collaborations and strategic partnerships with the external startup community.

Recommended Topics:

  1. Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  2. Ideation
  3. Customer Discover/Content + Tech start ups in the media innovation space
  4. Team Management: Intrapreneurship/Entrepreneurship
  5. Teaching Resiliency
  6. Project Management Skills & Technologies
  7. Human-Centered Design
  8. Business Models for Content & Technology Plays
  9. Nonprofit Model Development
  10. Freelancing & Consulting as Business Models
  11. Competitive Analysis
  12. Development: UX/UI Testing
  13. Marketing
  14. Pitching
  15. Financing Your Startup
  16. Entrepreneurship Abroad

See the full TOC.

Please submit your proposals by May 10th. We will be in touch within a few days to confirm acceptance.

How to Submit:
Please register and leave a 200-300 word comment below with the topic(s) you would like to contribute to, a short summary of your proposed contribution (assignment, sidebar, etc.) and a brief description of your background and expertise.

Need more info?
Comment below or email liz@rebus.foundation.