Hi @zoe - I was added to my Rebus Project as contributor rather than project manager and do not have the option to change this myself. Could you adjust on your end? Thanks!

Hey Michelle! You’re showing as ‘project manager’ when I view the project form my end - could you possibly share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? With our next release we’ll add the ability to control the project owner’s role so you’ll be able to confirm that, but if it isn’t displaying correctly, that’s a separate issue. Thanks!

It displays as Project Manager if I am not logged in. When I am logged in, it displays as Contributor (as shown below). !

Ah, I see what you mean! I suspect that’s a fairly easy bug to fix so I’ll report it to our developer, and for now, at least everyone else is seeing the correct info.

Hi, Zoe, I’m working with Michelle on the OER Course Markings project, as one of her co-editors. Although my role is Lead Editor, I don’t have permission to edit the project page. The other Lead Editor seems to have that permission, though. !

Do you know if there’s a bug with the role permissions? Thanks for your help!

@jessica.kirschner Hi Jessica - and welcome! I haven’t been able to replicate this bug on our end as yet, so for now I’d suggest logging out and back in again, or trying a different browser. Let me know if neither of these works, though, and we can keep testing on our end. Thanks :slight_smile:

@zoe Hi Zoe, I’m still having this issue. I’ve logged out and back in a couple of times. My default browser is Chrome, but I also tried on Firefox and Edge. None of the browsers is giving me the “Edit Project” Button. Anything else I can try to troubleshoot on my end? Thanks!

@jessica.kirschner Hey Jessica - thanks for the update. I suspect you’ve done what you can for now and it’s something on our end causing the issue. Unfortunately, our developer is on vacation at the moment so I can’t promise a quick fix, but I’ll make sure we figure it out as soon as he’s back. In the meantime, you could ask Michelle or Sarah to switch you to the project manager role on the off chance you have more luck there…