Edit homepage: add cover art

I’m trying to edit our homepage’s text and cover art. This thread Editing Your Project Homepage states “use the edit button in the top right corner of every block”, but I don’t have the edit button. I’m guessing I don’t have privileges to do that?

Please advise. Thank you.


Hi Wade! Editing features of the project homepage is restricted to admins (typically the person who creates the homepage). Admin roles can be assigned to others on a project team too, so in this case, I’ve gone ahead and made you an admin along with @mfp11. Michael, I hope you don’t mind!

You should have received a notification confirming the same, and if you refresh the project homepage, you should see the edit options (in the form of pencil icons) at the top right corner of each block on the page. Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

I suspected that’s what was happening; thanks much!


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No problem. Glad you’re able to edit the page now. I’m excited to see the artwork!